Standardization of the configuration process to reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of your production

About the project

60% of downtimes occur during set-up and changeover processes, as they are usually not standardized and the necessary knowledge is tied to individual employees. If these specialists are temporarily or even permanently absent, the knowledge must be rebuilt with difficulty. Stryza solves exactly this problem by making the setup process transparent and offering the possibility of long-term improvement.

Stryza is a dynamic worker platform that digitizes workflows and knowledge, helping your frontline operators to onboard and learn faster, work more productively and make less mistakes.

Stryza can easily be connected or used together with most kinds of ERP, MES or HRM systems. If a connection to the system is not supported yet, Stryza will happily create a custom connection. With constantly updated and visually easy-to-understand setup instructions, you empower all employees to perform complicated setup processes and become permanently more productive.

Core Features

Easily digitalize your shopfloor operations

Improve your workflows by creating digital guides and instructions. Collect valuable expert knowledge from your employees and prevent a skills shortage.

Stay on top of everyday activities

Track real-time data on every relevant work process, error reports and fixes on your shop floor.

Reduce downtime and waste

Reduce waiting times, missing information and knowledge gaps for your workers. Cut down on changeover and unplanned downtime.

Increase safety and quality

Instantly share critical safety and quality procedures effectively to every frontline worker.

Meet the Founders

Max Steinhoff
Emin Mjumjunov