Empowering Manufacturing's Tomorrow, Today

We create solutions to ensure the German Mittelstand's manufacturing is ready to master tomorrow's challenges

We are an experienced partner in identifying innovative opportunities, and in creating and implementing transformative solutions and business models to enhance your manufacturing efficiency

Our focus

Developing new business models like cutting-edge IoT solutions to redefine manufacturing processes

Integrating and actualizing our developed solutions seamlessly into existing systems, focusing on scalability and adaptability

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We are convinced that digital innovation in manufacturing is a cornerstone for future success

Digital transformation in manufacturing isn't a mere trend; it's a critical transition to longevity and competitive advantage in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Those who embed digital innovation into their manufacturing DNA don't just survive; they thrive and lead.

With wattx by your side, you're not just harnessing new technology—you're leveraging a partnership that understands the intricate dance between manufacturing and digital prowess. Just as our AI expertise is tailored to elevate businesses, our approach to manufacturing is dedicated to crafting bespoke strategies that anticipate future challenges, ensuring you're always steps ahead in the industry's relentless march forward.

Our Highlights

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We approached wattx with a specific software idea in a very complex stakeholder environment. Not only did the team quickly understand and evaluate the relevant processes, but also dissected crucial hurdles early on. We really enjoyed the flexible and cooperative work mode of the team, which allowed us to swiftly adapt the project plan. In the end, wattx delivered honest and well-founded recommendations with a clear and actionable approach to our future innovation endeavors.

Jens Adrio
Head of Corporate Development

We have been very satisfied with the work of wattx. The team worked very diligently and fast, communicating progress and problems always directly and open. We had a lot of fun working with the team and can only recommend their services.

Michael Jufer
Head of Business Unit "Care"

It was a real pleasure working with wattx. Their drive to actually build ventures and businesses instead of only drafting concepts was the ideal fit to our hands-on mentality. The team was very professional and executed the whole project on time and on budget, delivering a fully functioning MVP and an accompanying business strategy.

Christian Baier
Head of Netzsch Digital Unit (NEDGEX)

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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.

Simon Müller
Managing Director

wattx managing director Simon Müller