Shaping a Greener Tomorrow with Sustainable Innovations

Empowering Mittelstand companies to navigate the pathway of sustainability with ease and efficiency

We are experienced partners in turning sustainable visions into tangible results.

Our focus

We design and implement actionable business models tailored to help you reach and surpass your sustainability benchmarks.

We use technology responsibly to minimize environmental impact, promote ethical practices, and ensure long-term viability for both the technology and the planet


We are convinced that digital & technological innovation paves the way for lasting success in sustainability

At wattx, our core belief revolves around the transformative power of digital and technological advancements. We see a world where these innovations aren't just about enhancing efficiencies or driving growth — they're fundamental building blocks for a sustainable future.

Through our ventures and collaborations, we aim to demonstrate that with the right business models in place, driven by innovative digital and technological approaches, we can achieve outcomes that are environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically viable. We stand firmly on the conviction that by merging innovation with intent, we can shape a future that is not only successful but also sustainable.

What do we do to enhance sustainability?

Phase 1

High-Level Concept

  • Analysis of your company's sustainability impact areas
  • Identifying biggest impact areas and generating a climate score
  • Defining potential ideas to resolve sustainability challenges in the impact areas
Phase 2


  • Assessing the impact from an economical, environmental and social perspective
  • Mapping out the intersection of SDGs and the business model
  • Challenging the idea to avoid green washing
  • Preparation for ustainable product development
Phase 3

Market Launch

  • Defining sustainability measurements and goals
  • Applying state-of-the-art and project tailored tech stack
  • Measuring the CO2 footprint of the product, avoiding and reducing unnecessary emissions
  • Deployment of the product on a sustainable infrastructure
The results of our carbon capturing market analysis indicate four relevant challenges, companies have to overcome
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January 29, 2024
Four relevant problem spaces in carbon capture projects
The results of our carbon capturing market analysis indicate four relevant challenges, companies have to overcome
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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.
Simon Müller
Managing Director @ wattx