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We collaborate with the Mittelstand to create new digital and sustainable products. Faster and with less risk than ever before.

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What we do

We co-create products and ventures that solve real problems by applying a user-centred approach. Following our proven innovation process, we validate ideas quickly and turn them into fully operational businesses. We are rooted in the Mittelstand and apply speed, culture, and tools from the Berlin startup scene. By bringing in new talent, we support our partners to accelerate their digital and sustainable transformation.

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Capabilities for the Mittelstand

We enable Mittelstand companies to offer new digital products and services faster and with less risk than ever before. Our roots in the Mittelstand as well as 90+ successfully delivered projects, 15+ developed digital products, and 8+ ventures make us your best choice.

Research Sprint

Together we brainstorm new business ideas and analyze the market. Combining Mittelstand, startup, and tech perspectives we enable you to capitalize on new trends and opportunities for growth.

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Result: a research report covering market and tech trends, a set of high-level ideas (incl. problems and solutions description, and climate scoring), priotisation of ideas

Challenge and validate your ideas through detailed desirability, feasibiliy, viability, and sustainability assessments. Test them with users to ensure you can make an informed decision about further development.

Result: A fully validated product concept, a report that summarises all aspects of the potential business, an overview of relevant sustainability action items, a decision deck for internal stakeholders

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Product Builder

Once a new opportunity is identified and validated, the product is ready to be built. Whether the product extends your existing product portfolio, optimizes your core business, or creates a new separate entity, our in-house designers and developers can bring the product concept to life.

Result: a functional and efficient product ready for first use, deployment of the product on sustainable infrastructure, a clearly defined go-to-market strategy, a detailed plan for further product/venture development

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We have thoroughly enjoyed working with wattx team. The team is approachable, and always available and they understand the demands of delivering products tailored to farmers, working around our needs and requirements. They were able to pinpoint the value-adding features early on and combine them with features that were easy to implement. The outcome: a successful proof of concept.

David Reinhardt
Innovation Manager, Corporate Strategy

We approached wattx with a vague idea on how to monitor our production plant, and they helped us develop a prototype, which collected the data about the machine's status and sent it to the cloud. This way we made sure that the real-time data about the machine status was provided to the factory, and a database for long-term analytics for the decision-makers. The solution was not only easy to use, but could also be installed very quickly and rolled out in the whole factory.

Lutz Lehmann

wattx helped us extract data out of our machines without any prior knowledge in lightning speed. We now use this tool with one of our customers to access their production data and gain useful insights.

Andile Dlamini
Digital Project Manager – Digital Transfomation
Flughafen München

Before starting the project, we were skeptical about the use of sensors in our office building, since we thought that everything was working just fine. We were surprised to find out that there was still much potential to improve energy efficiency. The wattx team analyzed a huge amount of data and broke it down into clear recommendations. It was really fun working with them and as a result, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of our HVAC appliances.

Andreas Liebl
Leiter - Objektmanagement

We approached wattx with a specific software idea in a very complex stakeholder environment. Not only did the team quickly understand and evaluate the relevant processes, but also dissected crucial hurdles early on. We really enjoyed the flexible and cooperative work mode of the team, which allowed us to swiftly adapt the project plan. In the end, wattx delivered honest and well-founded recommendations with a clear and actionable approach to our future innovation endeavors.

Jens Adrio
Head of Corporate Development

We have been very satisfied with the work of wattx. The team worked very diligently and fast, communicating progress and problems always directly and open. We had a lot of fun working with the team and can only recommend their services.

Michael Jufer
Head of Business Unit "Care"

It was a real pleasure working with wattx. Their drive to actually build ventures and businesses instead of only drafting concepts was the ideal fit to our hands-on mentality. The team was very professional and executed the whole project on time and on budget, delivering a fully functioning MVP and an accompanying business strategy.

Christian Baier
Head of Netzsch Digital Unit (NEDGEX)

wattx event on Generative AI technology and innovation

Together with, Merantix Momentum, and the Cyber Innovation Hub, we will provide insights into the latest Gen-AI developments.
Among other topics, we will talk about GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), LLMs (Large Language Models) and their relevance for German SMEs.

When: Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Where: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26 - hosted by LeWagon

Free whitepapers on corporate innovation

Clean Startups

We understand that developing a fully sustainable product is not limited to one aspect. We as wattx have a holistic, impact-driven approach to venture building considering economical, environmental and social perspectives. We focus on developing long-lasting solutions with our in-house experts to ensure our solutions are sustainable and based on transparent measurements.
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We work with Mittelstand companies towards creating innovative and green ventures. We help to develop your business by assessing the biggest impact fields and finding economic opportunities to improve.

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We act in respect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and focus on SDG 13 - Climate Action.

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We constantly challenge the status quo and acknowledge that we all have areas to improve. Being aware of green-washing practices, we stay humble in our actions and challenge our projects constantly to ensure they meet the highest standards.

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