Deevio: we automate end-of-line quality control using machine learning

Automated visual inspections

Automate your visual inspections

At the end of your production line, there are operators doing visual inspections. Together with our partners, we install a full system to automate this tedious and inefficient process.

Improve your existing machine vision systems

You already have a machine vision system, but it produces too many false rejects. We combine your existing hardware with our machine learning software to improve the performance.

Integrate our machine learning software into your machines

You are building the next state of the art automation machine and you have little time and resources to develop the inspection program. We do this for you with our machine learning software.


Donato Montanari


Donato is an accomplished executive with unique combination of business management experience (business plans, strategic planning, operations, P&L management, sales) and technical expertise in artificial intelligence.

Damian Heimel


Damian is one of those business guys. Before founding Deevio, he studied in Munich and worked at WATTx as a venture development manager.

Tassilo Glander


Berliner. Software engineer. Graphics guy. Before deevio, Tassilo was researching spatial visualization and worked as a software engineer at a public transport software company. He likes to play football and loves some good pintxos.