Hasty is an image labelling tool that uses AI-based “active learning” to automate the work required to build and improve the training data for your vision AI.

Hasty visionAI screenshot of product

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Hasty is the first tool ever that uses AI to speed up the process of data creation. Every annotation you make is sent to our model builder, that learns as you annotate and creates tailor-made models for your project. You get access to cutting-edge technology through the click of a button.


Alexander Wennmann


Originally from Sweden, Alex first studied journalism and later ended up in UX. On that journey, he went through doing SEO/SEA for one of the biggest ad companies in the UK and created various products with WATTx. Today, he’s the CPO at Hasty where he concentrates on coordinating Product, Engineering, and UX efforts.

Kostya Proskudin


Kostya studied computer science in his native Ukraine. After cutting his teeth in Siberia, doing simulations of Gas line explosions, Kostya taught himself data science by doing 12 courses concurrently and became an active and respected Kaggler. Hasty is his brainchild where he is currently CTO.

Tristan Rouillard


After graduating with a postgrad in finance, accounting and economics from Cape Town University, Tristan ran a Scuba centre in Jamaica, did an MBA in Berlin and worked as head of venture development at WATTx. Today he is the CEO at Hasty and running the business side of things.