AI platform enabling faster delivery of computer vision models by ML engineers and domain experts

About the project

Hasty is an end-to-end AI platform that lets ML engineers and domain experts deliver computer vision models faster – reducing the time to market for transformative products and services.Hasty is the first tool ever that uses AI to speed up the process of data creation. Every annotation you make is sent to our model builder, that learns as you annotate and creates tailor-made models for your project. You get access to cutting-edge technology through the click of a button.

Through the acquisition by CloudFactory, Hasty can now offer a combination of state-of-the-art AI automation and standardised processes to leverage the best data labeling workforce in more innovative and effective ways. For companies, that means cost-effective AI without compromises on quality or speed.

Core Features


Automate 90% of the work needed to build and optimize your dataset for the most​ advanced use cases ​with our self learning assistants using AI to train AI.

Actionable insights

Reduce your time to deployment by 40% with model insights from the beginning to enable agile workflows.


The wholly integrated solution allows you to focus on building the application rather then maintaining a “Frankensuite” of tools.

Data security

Secure platform has strong data protection right - providing a safe, complete technical solution for your competitive advantage.


Meet the Founders

Alexander Wennmann
Kostya Proskudin
Tristan Rouillard