OneClimate is a new venture to calculate, reduce and offset CO2 emissions. The aim is to counteract climate change and preserve habitats for future generations. Specifically, OneClimate offers knowledge, actions and initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from households via app. In perspective, the startup aspires to become the interface of civil society, companies, NGOs and municipalities in the field of climate protection.

OneClimate's offering is aimed at anyone who wants to take climate protection into their own hands by solving several challenges: it is difficult to find concrete, trustworthy information about climate change online, and many CO2 compensation programs appear untrustworthy or leave questions unanswered.

oneclimate app

OneClimate, competes as an intuitive app that aims to provide qualitative, academic content on climate change and point to concrete actions that can be taken to reduce CO2 emissions in the home. OneClimate app is available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. It focuses on three core functions, according to wattx: Calculating users' annual CO2 emissions, educating users on ways to effectively reduce those emissions, and supporting climate initiatives that reduce CO2 emissions.


OneClimate founder

Simon Bail

OneClimate founder

OneClimate founder

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