At Statice, we have developed a software which generates guaranteed anonymous data by using the latest research in machine learning and data privacy.


Statice offers an automatic data anonymization solution that enables businesses to stay innovative with smart synthetic data and work with complex data in a privacy-compliant manner.

Protect your customers

Synthetic data generated by Statice is legally compliant according to the GDPR and other legal frameworks. By design, it mathematically guarantees protection against the re-identification of real individuals and other privacy attacks.

Preserved data utility

Synthetic data preserves the statistical properties of your data without ever exposing a single individual. Statistical granularity and data structure is maximally preserved.

Accelerating data access

When using synthetic data generated by Statice, companies do not have to worry about re-identification of a real person. Using synthetic data creates trust for the partners as well as the customers. Statice accelerates the access to data without complex compliance processes.


Mikhail Dyakov


Mikhail is responsible for the product development at Statice. In the past, Mikhail co-founded and led a software solutions agency. Also, he was VP of Engineering at WATTx. Mikhail has extensive experience as a software engineer. At the core of Mikhail's motivation is the belief that data privacy is a human right.

Omar Ali Fdal


Omar is leading the data science and research efforts of Statice. Before Statice, Omar co-founded a B2B carpooling company across cities in France. He also spent four years working at Amadeus IT Group in France. Omar values knowledge and ensures that Statice continues to stay at the forefront of research and innovation.

Sebastian Weyer


As CEO and one of the co-founders of Statice, Sebastian is in charge of business operations and strategy. In the past, he developed ventures in IoT, Data Science and Big Data. Sebastian is passionate about data-driven innovation that creates value for people and shapes sustainable business models.