Snuk provides IoT solutions in the hospital and healthcare space

About the project

Snuk started as an open Internet of Things infrastructure platform for developing and deploying smart building applications including energy management, asset tracking, indoor navigation, refrigeration monitoring, and more. It was bought by BEWATEC and now provides  IoT solutions in the hospital and healthcare space, focusing on improving hospital processes, making life easier for healthcare staff and improving patient comfort.

Core Features

Snuk has been integrated into BEWATEC Berlin, where it is part of a suite of healthcare applications named Connected Care. BEWATEC solutions are aimed at making everyday life at the hospital easier and more efficient. They offer a flexible range of services including both software and hardware. Patients and nursing staff are connected via digital services. This makes the work of the nursing staff more efficient and the patients’ stay at the hospital more pleasant and comfortable.

Snuk’s focus is integrating with the hospital’s infrastructure to enable patients to control their room environment, such as turning on the heating, closing the window blinds, etc. At BEWATEC Berlin, the Snuk team also developed a mobile application that provides patients with access to entertainment and hospital info.

BEWATEC.ConnectedCare connects nursing staff and patients – for better communication, more efficient processes, and easier everyday hospital routines:

1. Entertainment for patients: free and pay TV, digital magazines, and books – great entertainment right at the patient’s bed.

2. Digital communication: patients are actively involved and communication is made easier.

3. Relieving the burden on nursing staff: BEWATEC solutions help nursing staff save valuable time and reduce the distances they have to cover.

Meet the Founders

Boris Libeert
Joeri Meurisse