Eigenmind offers secure, tailored AI solutions for productivity without compromising data governance

About the project

eigenmind offers businesses a platform to interact with their company’s applications and documents through search and chat. Our solution is grounded on GDPR-compliant AI technology that is deployed on-premise, enabling secure access and utilization of internal data. The entire setup is designed to be turnkey, negating the need for any in-house AI expertise. This approach ensures that businesses can utilize advanced AI functionalities while preserving the integrity and governance of their internal data and knowledge.

Core Features

Natural Language Search for Internal Knowledge

With eigenmind, businesses can intuitively search their internal repositories using natural language prompts. The platform eliminates the need for complex query languages or specialized prompt engineering by incorporating a central search+chat interface that taps into the power of Generative AI.

Multimodal and Multilingual Data Exploration

eigenmind's capabilities extend to both structured and unstructured data, spanning various modalities and languages. Users can conduct searches in their native language and still retrieve relevant information stored in different languages. Furthermore, text-based queries can yield relevant images and crucial business metrics.

Efficiency with State-of-the-art Technology

By implementing eigenmind, businesses not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also witness substantial reductions in costs and resource consumption. It's a solution designed for both tech advancement and economic efficiency.

Robust Administrative Tools for Data Governance

eigenmind's suite comes equipped with comprehensive administrative tools, facilitating effective data governance and granular permission management. From a unified console, administrators can manage users, oversee data integrations, enforce organizational policies, and monitor platform usage through a detailed dashboard application.


Meet the Founders

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