Idea Validation

Challenge and validate your ideas through detailed desirability, feasibility, viability, and sustainability assessments. Test them with users to ensure you can make an informed decision about further development.

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Idea Validation service in a Nutshell


Has your team developed an idea that you want to explore further? Want to assess the potential of an idea before investing in its development?


  • Promising ideas are validated in depth by investigating their market relevance, technical feasibility, and business potential.
  • We also analyse potential solutions’ sustainability from an environmental, economic, and social perspective.


  • A fully validated product concept
  • A report that summarises all aspects of the potential business
  • An overview of relevant sustainability action items
  • A decision deck for internal stakeholders
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Idea Validation service in Detail

Phase 1:

Does the market need the product?

  • Conduction of qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Definition of a value proposition
  • Analysis of market trends and competitive landscape
Phase 2:

Can the product be built?

  • Development of a product concept
  • Scoping and definition of the technical architecture
  • Development of a product roadmap
Phase 3:

Can the business be profitable?

  • Calculation of a business case
  • Creation of an internal pitch deck
  • Overview of the project plan and necessary investment
Phase 4:

Is the plan sustainable?

  • Mapping out the intersection of SDGs and the business model
  • Challenging the product to avoid greenwashing
  • Outline of the product impact and preparation of sustainable product development

Examples of delivered Idea Validations

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We created a concrete product concept for improving the user experience of package recipients.

Parcel Butler
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We researched the flexible printing market to create a roadmap of potential open problems in the process.

Digital process optimisation in the printing industry

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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.

Maximilian Tscharnke
Head of VD

Ventuer Development Manager Maximilian Tscharnke