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We build and scale digital products and businesses.
We develop new products and services.
We optimise core businesses.

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Optimisation of the core business

Development of digital products illustration

Development of digital products

Creation of new business opportunities illustration

Creation of new business opportunities

Our wattx services in a nutshell

Whether you're in search of new ideas, need help assessing the potential of your existing concept, or are ready to start building your product, we're here to assist you.

As a venture builder, our diverse and interdisciplinary team brings the competencies to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey. Let's work together to determine where you want to begin and take your business to new heights.

Problem Assessment

Your company faces a challenge but struggles to generate solution ideas?  

With our research and problem deep dive, complemented with expert interviews, we will lay the groundwork for identifying valuable solution ideas enabling your company to take the next step.


Idea Discovery

You want to identify market opportunities to grow or explore new ideas?

With Future Foresight Workshops and Research Workshops, we help you to generate new ideas and find your future value proposition. This can also be supported by research tools and approaches that we adapt to your needs.


Idea Validation

You have an idea and need to figure out the market potential, customer interests and technical feasibility?

Together with your team, we validate promising ideas in depth by investigating their relevance to potential customers, their business potential, feasibility, and sustainability. Afterwards you can also take this approach and adapted it as your individual blue print.



You have an idea you want to bring to life and develop a presentable prototype?

We have the capabilities to develop different prototypes from software to hardware cases and help with usability testing and heuristics evaluation. It can start with a paper-based example (low-fi) and continue to a full-functioning web-based prototype.


MVP Development

You lack internal capacities or want to partner up with experienced developers and founders?

We bring together a cross-functional team and deliver your product or service on time and within the allocated budget. Our approach is iterative, incorporating sustainable practices, and is geared towards maximizing the impact of each product we work on.


Tech Review

Are you questioning whether your current tech stack positions you for future success?

Building the right framework is crucial for the thriving success of your business. We conduct a thorough examination of potential pitfalls, risks, and growth opportunities, offer strategic advice, and ensure alignment with your objectives and the latest industry benchmarks.

Market Launch

Have you created a new product and are unsure about how to effectively launch it?

We assist you in generating fresh ideas and discovering your future value proposition. We can also provide support through research tools and methodologies tailored to your specific requirements.

How we can coach you along your journey?


Design Thinking Booster

You want to focus on customer centricity, learn design thinking and integrate it in your workflows?

Our experienced coaches provide trainings focused on methods and their application our guide you through design thinking processes with your team and very own problem statements. 

Venture development

Building a Venture Unit

You want to build your own innovation department or venture unit and overcome pitfalls?  

Based on our various learnings and together with our external experts from different industries we help you define your individual strategy to build a venture unit and especially to operationalize it with your team or in cooperation with external partners. 

Venture development

Sustainability Sprint

Together with your team, you want to identify new chances of Sustainability and create awareness?

With our access to a broad startup network and through the help of specific search tools, we help you to develop overviews, make introductions and deep dive into potential collaborations.

Data science

Data Products

You want to learn more about data products and how they are developed or seek advice?

We introduce you into the different types of machine learning and together define the prerequisites for your individual data project. In addition, we act als sparring partner and support you in the set-up of the overall project. 

Venture development

Digital Innovation  

You need to rethink your digital strategy and come up with a strong vision for the next years?

We guide you along our innovation framework and enable you to develop your very own strategy and vision - together with a smaller or larger team. In addition, we coach the implementation as long as its needed.

Venture development

Startup Scouting

Are you looking for contacts or a good overview of the start-up landscape in certain market sectors?

With our access to a broad startup network and through the help of specific search tools, we help you to develop overviews, make introductions and deep dive into potential collaborations.

Venture development

Business Model Training

You want to develop a stable business model and translate concepts into real numbers?

We enable teams to model different scenarios, identify the biggest levers and communicate their need for budget & resources in front of senior stakeholders. Depending on where you are, we can start from scratch or fine-tune the last details.

Venture development

Venture Clienting

Your company wants to collaborate with startups or seeks for aspecific market field overview?

With wattx by your side, seamlessly discover and adopt pioneering startup innovations. Our expertise ensures direct, impactful integration, driving tangible results for your organization.


Product Management

You want to learn how to allocate resources more efficiently when building your product?

We cover topics from the definition of a product manager role to team motivation, product development process, weekly rhythm and feature writing.


Landing Page Creation

You want to test your idea by creating a landing page, but internal resources are not available to do so?

Instead of going with an agency, develop the landing page with us. Along the way, you will get effective sparrings for your initial idea, develop and challenge major assumptions based on user feedback and collect all the data needed for your next project steps.

Venture development

Intrapreneur Coaching

Are you an intrapreneur seeking funding for your new product or service?

From hands-on support for specific parts of your development (e.g. business case, sales push) towards regular strategic coaching, we co-intrapreneur as your short-term colleague or mentor on eye-level.

We build and scale digital products and businesses

We have a proven track record of working with Mittelstand partners across multiple industries to develop digital products and services, fast and risk-free.

Our mission is to unite our roots in the Mittelstand with the best of Berlin startup culture, resulting in an innovation process that generates and validates ideas, then transforms them into market-ready solutions.

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