Our venture building services

We develop new products and services. We optimize core businesses. Highly adapted to your needs and your business model. Fast and with low risk. Three pillars ensure joint success of our venture building services.

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Optimization of the core business

Development of digital products

Creation of new business opportunities

Our wattx services in a nutshell

We have the right venture building services for your needs. If you are looking for fresh ideas for new business opportunities, our Research Sprint is your choice. Your company already has an idea in mind but can’t assess its potential? Opt for Idea Validation. You already have a validated product concept? Let’s start building the product with our product builder offering. Going through all the steps one by one is also possible.

Illustration of wattx' innovation process from Problem Discovery to Solution Definition to development of a lean startup based on a fully validated product concept including desirability, feasibility, viability and sustainability aspects

Research Sprint

Together we analyse the market and current trends. Combining your internal data with our market and startup research, we develop opportunities for further top-line growth.

  • duration: 0,5 - 1 months
  • an extensive research report covering the market and tech trends
  • a set of high potential ideas including problem and solution definitions
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Idea Validation

Promising ideas are validated in depth by investigating their relevance to potential customers, business potential, feasibility, and sustainability.

  • duration: 1 - 2 months
  • a report summarizing desirability, feasibility, viability, and sustainability
  • a management decision deck
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Product Builder

We bring the product to life. With a cross-functional team we develop and launch the new product and continuously implement user feedback.

  • duration: 2 - 4 months
  • a fully functional product validated by customers
  • a defined go-to-market strategy
  • a growth plan for further development
  • hiring support for team growth
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Our sustainability services

Want to take your sustainability efforts to the next level? Our sustainability services offer a range of solutions to help you achieve your goals, including our comprehensive sustainability pitch and innovative circular economy workshop. Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact!

Sustainability Sprint

Our sustainability sprint helps you achieve your sustainability goals and explore new business opportunities.

  • We'll identify sustainability gaps, come up with creative solutions, and develop a prototype.
  • We'll assess the sustainability impact of the identified business opportunities and prioritize them.
  • By the end of the sprint, you'll have identified feasible, desirable, viable, and sustainable business opportunities. Don't miss this chance to make a positive impact!

Circular Economy Workshop

Our circular economy workshop teaches you new methods for finding circular opportunities and exploring beyond Design Thinking.

  • You'll learn methods for understanding user needs and sustainability goals, find circularity opportunities, and prototype and test concepts.
  • By the end of the workshop, you'll have a deep understanding of circular design methods, a workshop report, and tested prototypes.

We build and scale digital products and businesses

We have a proven track record of working with Mittelstand partners across multiple industries to develop digital products and services, fast and risk-free. Our mission is to unite our roots in the Mittelstand with the best of Berlin startup culture, resulting in an innovation process that generates and validates ideas, then transforms them into market-ready solutions.


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Capabilities for the Mittelstand

We enable Mittelstand companies to offer new digital products and services faster and with less risk than ever before. Our roots in the Mittelstand as well as 90+ successfully delivered projects, 15+ developed digital products, and 8+ ventures make us your best choice.


five wattx empoyees during internal innovation workshop
Product concept for better user experience
five wattx empoyees during internal innovation workshop
User engagement platform
five wattx empoyees during internal innovation workshop
Developed ideas for circular economy

Digitalization / IoT

Configurator for heating solutions
Analytics platform solution
Automated tender processing
Process optimisation in printing industry

E-commerce / Sales

Lead generation & distribution tool
E-Commerce strategy & platform

Deep Tech

IoT machine monitoring tool

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