Research Sprint

Together we brainstorm new business ideas and analyze the market. Combining Mittelstand, startup, and tech perspectives we enable you to capitalize on new trends and opportunities for growth. The goal is to quickly gather insights that can inform the development of a product, service, or feature.

Sketch style: observation glasses with eyes on one side.

Research Sprint in a Nutshell


Want to diversify your product portolio? Do you already have a general direction? Or do you want to translate big challenges like sustainability into opportunities for growth?


Together we analyse the market, current trends, and your impact areas. Combining your internal data we develop opportunities for further top-line growth.


  • A research report covering market and tech trends.
  • A set of high-level ideas (incl. problems and solutions description, climate scoring)
  • A prioritisation of ideas
Sketch style: Our innovation process focussing on the first part,  from divergent to convergent problem discovery, synthesis and decision resulting in a high-level product concept

Research Sprint service in Detail

Phase 1:
Discover the Problem

Broad analysis of context, market and users

  • Understanding the strategic context
  • Review and harmonization  of existing ideas
  • A defined go-to-market strategy
Phase 2:
Define The Problem

Narrow analysis of opportunity  areas

  • Conduction of qualitative  and quantitative user research
  • Conversion of problems  into opportunity areas
  • Ideation and scoping of  solutions
Phase 3:
Synthesis and Decision

Summary of the research sprint

  • Structured assessment of identified business opportunities
  • Prioritization based on impact, confidence and effort
  • Preparation of a validation plan

Examples of delivered Research Sprints

Logo: nexmart


We brainstormed ideas that would expand nexmart’s business into the circular economy.

nexMart: Circular Economy

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Sketch Style: Four circles, named Feasability, Desirability, Viability and Sustainability, overlapping each other so that in the center they have one common overlapping area.

Idea validation

In depth idea validation by investigating their relevance to potential customers, business potential, feasibility, and sustainability.

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3 Arrows are surrounding the words "Lean Startup" in a circle and connecting the words "Measure -> Learn -> Build ->"

Product Builder

We bring the product to life. With a cross-functional team we develop and launch the new product and continuously implement user feedback.

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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.
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