Our Approach for Building Companies

We enable Mittelstand companies to offer new digital products and services faster and with less risk than ever before. Three pillars differentiate our approach for building companies. And make us the best choice for you.

Mittelstand meets startup

We are rooted in the mittlestand and apply speed, culture and tools from the Berlin startup scene.
Best of both worlds.

At Viessmann, we work with our colleagues from wattx on digital and sustainable transformation topics. Their toolbox is a great addition to our organization.

Together, we develop new products and ventures in weeks, not months!
Photo of Max Viessmann
Max Viessmann
CEO Viessmann Group

Cross - functional perspectives

We always validate ideas from a variety of perspectives.
We combine product, business and tech skills of our in-house experts.

Business & Marketing

  • Market & trend research
  • Project management
  • Business case modelling
  • Monetisation strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Performance marketing

Product & Design

  • User research
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design concept development
  • Product roadmap development
  • Usability testing
  • Sprint coordination

Tech & Data Science

  • Web, mobile development & maintenance
  • API development
  • Information architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Content marketing
  • Manual & automated testing

Our leading principles for successful Venture Building

We take ownership and don’t make excuses.
We create impact, not slides.
We remain humble and keep on learning.
We are courageous and explore the unknown.
We are team players.

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Successful venture building requires trust in creative forward thinking, the combination of business, tech and design skills, and at the same time rigorous processes and decisions.