ViMove for Climate

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VIMove venture built by wattx

The challenge

Building a web application that allows manual tracking as well as syncing with smart watches in only 25 working days.

Viessmann launched the ViMove campaign for the first time during the first lockdown. Back then, it was simply an Google Sheet in which employees could track their activities. In summer, they launched a second campaign and in both campaigns together the Viessmann family ran more than 150k kilometers which lead to 150k planted trees. Building on this success story, Viessmann wanted to further develop ViMove into a fully functioning app and an independent functioning product that also works with smart watches. All of this before the end of year (~1 month) and in state ready to launch publicly.

Our solution

A 5-day design sprint with key stakeholders inside the group and a small cross-functional development team.

In a 5-days design sprint, the marketing team, the Maschinenraum and wattx developed a prototype for a new ViMove campaign. The drawn up solution represented a web application should not only enables easy manual upload of activities but also has a connection to the new Garmin smartwatch (the Christmas present inside the Viessmann group) - all of which needed to be launched before Christmas. With this vision in mind, a core development team inside wattx was formed and ran two two-week development sprints.

The outcome

Employee engagement tool with the focus on sustainability

With one frontend- and one backend-developer, one UX designer and a venture developer we worked together with the marketing team of Viessmann to bring the application to life. In the end we managed to launch an application on time and with the desired functionality so that the whole Viessmann family and everybody who is interested could start tracking their sports for which Viessmann plants trees. The application includes a tree count live ticker, an activity dashboard and a fitness tracker integration. If you are also interested transforming your fitness into an environmental impact, make sure to check ViMove.

What our client said:

Logo: vimove for climate
wattx developed the first MVP of our ViMove app. The speed and quality of the development were impressive.

Thomas Heim

Member of the Executive Board Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

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Simon Müller
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wattx managing director Simon Müller