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The challenge

Our client Viessmann engaged us to build an application to digitalize the planning of heating solutions for large building projects.

Heating is a major cost driver in the construction business, especially as gas prices rise and projects have to be completed faster and faster due to the increasing workload.  Therefore our client Viessmann engaged us to dive deeper into the applications of a heating toolchain in the climate solution market. 

The solution was inspired by the fact that almost no data is available digitally; most processes are still analog. In addition, there are no uniform product portfolios or processes. Therefore, digitizing the planning of heating systems for large building projects opens up various possibilities for how these heating systems can be put together.

Our solution

We developed a digital solution for dimensioning and optimizing heating systems to provide engineers with an outline for the configuration of a heating system.

In order to transform the initial idea concept into a viable business–one that delivers a tangible value to Viessmann while also generating a significant impact on the construction sector–we needed to address different areas.

We first developed a strategy for dimensioning and optimizing heating systems to provide engineers with a quick suggestion for the configuration of a heating system.

This application gives an overview of the possible technology combinations. Based on energy consumption, the building size and the heating components, a simulation is run to see how much each heat generator contributes to the heat load. This is important for engineers to see how efficiently each component is running. In the final step, the information goes into a configurator, which searches for suitable accessory components, e.g., hydraulic components.

The outcome

Based on our analysis, we were able to define a validated product concept as well as an MVP version of the web application.

What our client said:

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wattx helped us tackle an optimization problem by combining domain knowledge from different disciplines with Data Science skills. By applying advanced combinatorial techniques with scenario-based simulation, we're able offer tailored solutions based on solid data.

Dr. Alexander Hoh

Vice President Engineering 
Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.

Simon Müller
Managing Director

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