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The challenge

PostModern, a private postal company, approached us with the idea to build a digital solution to improve the customer experience when ordering and receiving packages.

Post Modern, a private postal company that delivers letters and parcels to private and business customers, approached us with the idea to build a digital solution to improve the customer experience when ordering and receiving packages.

In a time of millions of online shoppers and a dense urban population, the last mile of package delivery has become increasingly inefficient, unreliable and environmentally damaging. Many delivery cars drive around at half capacity and at the same time everybody knows the pain of missing his shipment and the unplanned walk to the next post station. A digital process that aligns stakeholders interest and optimise the last mile has to be possible.

Our solution

We developed a business case and a clear product concept, including designs, software architecture, and a development roadmap.

The role of our wattx team was to consolidate the status quo of the last mile delivery sector, identify the key pain-points for carriers and consumers as well as evaluate potential solutions for their viability and to research the willingness to pay as well as to conceptualize solutions for the customer pain points. Following our research and validation methodology, we applied extensive user interviews, survey, prototype mockups and smoke page testing, in order to generate various ideas and quantifiable evaluation data along the dimensions of desirability, feasibility and viability.

The outcome

Within three months MEDIA Logistik created and validated a completely new business model that enables further top-line growth.

Based on our analysis, we were able to define a validated business case as well as a clear product concept, including designs, software architecture and development roadmap. Additionally, we identified key partners to join in a next MVP building phase, following our proven iterative company building approach. Due to a shift in strategic priorities, this phase is currently on hold.

What our client said:

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Qualitative & quantitative user research, business case modeling, and tech roadmap development - wattx perfectly supported us in all aspects.

Michael Ulbrich

Managing Director MEDIA Logistik GmbH | PostModern

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Idea validation is a crucial part of innovation. It assesses the potential of new products based on facts rather than on gut feelings.

Simon Müller
Managing Director

wattx managing director Simon Müller