Sustainability workshop

You want to achieve your sustainability goals and explore new business opportunities? You want to make sure that your next product/service launch is a sustainable one?

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Sustainability workshop service in a nutshell

Venture development process with double diamond from design thinking and lean startup approach
part 1:
2-3 weeks


  • Value chain analysis to find sustainability gaps
  • Stakeholder mapping to get system perspective
  • Analysis of competition and regulations to identify opportunities and boundaries
  • User interview guidelines


  • Profound understanding about industry and potential sustainability gaps
part 2:
1-2 weeks


  • Qualitative interview to assess stakeholder views (experts, users & stakeholders)
  • Prioritize sustainability gaps according to research finding
  • Conversion of sustainability gaps into opportunity areas


  • Identification of value chain steps with highest sustainability potential
part 3:
2-3 days


  • Definition of relevant HMW questions
  • Ideation & scoping of solutions
  • Development of high-level service or product concept incl. updated process and stakeholder map


  • Updated value chain
  • Lo-fi prototype of possible sustainable business model
Phase 4:
2-3 weeks


  • >3 identified business opportunities
  • High-level sustainability impact assessment
  • Prioritization of opportunities based on impact, confidence and effort
  • Preparation of validation plan


  • Identification of feasible, desirable, viable & sustainable business opportunities

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